Quality Policy Statement

Francis Brown Limited provides Design, Fabrication, Assembly, Welding & Installation of Pressure Vessels, Structures, General Engineering Fabrications & Machining to its customers throughout the Subsea, Petrochemical, Offshore, Engineering, Structural, Construction and Renewable energy sectors.

The Company Management System (CMS) is an integral part of Francis Brown Limited business principles and the foundation in establishing a company culture centered upon Quality Assurance, Continuous Improvement and Personal Development. These principles underpin our commitment to provide a high-quality product and service which conforms to stated or agreed customer, statutory and regulatory requirements.

To achieve this, Francis Brown Limited operate and maintain its CMS in accordance with the requirements of the following International Standards:

  • BSEN ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Requirements.
  • BSEN ISO3834-2:2021 Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials Comprehensive quality requirements.
  • BSEN 1090-1:2009+A1: 2011 Execution of Steel Structures and Aluminium Structures
    (Execution Class 3)

Francis Brown Limited are committed to:

  • Constantly seeking to improve our products and service to become the preferred supplier to our customers.
  • Creating a quality culture involving all employees working together for success.
  • Embrace a culture of change in which the needs of our customers are identified, the importance of all our employees is recognised, delivery of the required service is achieved.
  • Constantly strive to be the best we can be in providing our customers, both internal and external, with a product, service and support they demand.
  • Enhance the product and service provided to our customers through workshop modernisation, implementation of new technology and enhanced operating systems.
  • Operating an effective & efficient manufacturing facility by identifying and reducing non-value adding activities.
  • Enhancing supplier relationships to ensure best value, service and common objectives.
  • Training and development of our employees to ensure they possess the necessary skills and competencies to perform their work.
  • Improve and maintain team unity and spirit by effective communication, uniform workload and secure employment.

Francis Brown Limited ensures that these commitments are communicated, implemented and fully understood at all levels throughout the business.

Duncan H. Warriner                                                             J. Neville Hackwell
Managing Director                                                               Head of Compliance