About Us


At Francis Brown, we are more than just a century-strong company; we are a legacy, a testament to endurance and expertise. Born of steel and determination, we are engineering the future with the strength of the past. Uniting time-honoured tradition and a spirit of innovation, we engineer bespoke solutions that power an ever-changing world.

We are committed to quality and integrity, harnessing collaboration to deliver precision-crafted fabrications. Every conversation, every design, every weld and every certification is a pledge: trust in our heritage; believe in our innovation; drive forward progress, together.

We are Francis Brown.

We are 120 years of progressive excellence.


Our vision is for clients in industries surrounded by complexity to navigate a clear path to innovation. We will be their beacon of precision, transparency, simplicity and bespoke engineering brilliance. For our team and the sector as a whole, we want to usher in new standards and new levels of responsibility that help create a better, more sustainable world.


Our purpose is to provide high-integrity, bespoke fabrication and engineering solutions, delivered with an intrinsic understanding that provides confidence, safety and reassurance. Building on our rich heritage and legacy allows us to guide the next generation to strive higher as businesses, individuals and custodians of our planet – working together to shape a future that’s cleaner and brighter for us all.



We strive for perfection in all we do. Since 1903, we’ve been on a restless and continuous journey to improve our process, approach and services. We believe this dedication allows us to provide a superior service, as well as a positive place to work.


We uphold the highest standards and accreditations in all our operations. A commitment to honesty, transparency, and quality control forms the backbone of our culture. This is evident in the level of our work and client satisfaction. It also keeps us on track internally.


We value the power of teamwork and partnership. By harnessing the combined skills of our people and working closely with our partners, we intrinsically understand requirements and deliver innovative solutions. This is how we meet the unique needs of each and every project, while making sure our team is valued and understood.

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