Health and safety is at the forefront of everything we do

Throughout the four generations of leadership at Francis Brown our ethos has very much remained the same – and will continue to do so – with health and safety being at the forefront of everything that we do.

We are fully committed to having the highest standards in health and safety, environment and quality management, and as such, we ensure this is firmly integrated into the culture at Francis Brown.

We are very proactive in engaging all of our employees to play their role in QHSE standards, enabling us to continually optimise our standards.

Monitoring and reviewing processes form an integral part of the company and through safe and efficient working practices, supported by good management, effective leadership, as well as continuous training and performance monitoring, we are confident that the service provided by every member of staff is at the top of its game.


We take into consideration the environment at all points of our service delivery

Francis Brown strives to minimise waste and pollution to reduce long-term costs, whilst prioritising the impact of the company’s activities on both the local and wider communities. We will always take into consideration the environmental impact on transportation of raw materials, use of energy, distribution of finished product and discharge of emissions and wastes to ensure the most environmentally friendly processes are adopted.

We comply with all statutory regulations and continue to evolve our practices within day to day operations to become more efficient and environmentally aware. We ensure full regard is given to the environment and take into account the view of all parties whose interests may be affected.

We ensure that our environmental policy is effectively communicated and adhered to by all employees.

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